Was established to resolute disputes and conflicts arising in connection
    with non-performance or improper execution of Stock Exchange
    members and users confirmation systems (managers of trading
    accounts) of their liabilities in accordance with the Stock Exchange
    internal documents in the process of their transactions with financial

    The main competence of the Commission is review and authorization of 
    disputes and conflicts between participants during transaction 
    or between a transactions participant and Stock Exchange, that weren’t 
    settled through negotiations and (or) correspondence, conflicts and 
    dispute arising in connection with non-performance or inadequate 
    fulfillment of obligations by the participants in the transaction according 
    to the internal documents of the Stock Exchange in the process of their 
    transactions with valuable Securities and financial instruments in the foreign
    exchange market, the market securities and derivative financial instruments.


                           Aslamshoev Khujanazar 
                            The Chairman of the Commission




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